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The Miracle in the Wind

A Story by Josanne @ http://achocolatebouquet.blogspot.com/


Natalie’s scattered briefcase was the last thing she had time for.  The busy sidewalk never slowed down as she gathered her papers.  The wallet next to her foot must have belonged to whoever it was she collided with.

Natalie reached her office after lunch, opening the wallet to look for identification.  Tiffany Moore lived on Murdoch Avenue, just blocks from her own home.  The wallet would easily be returned to its rightful owner after work.

Parking by the curb, the small white house matched Tiffany’s address.  The overgrown grass and dark windows hinted of vacancy, but Natalie would knock anyway.  No answer.  The man sitting on the porch at the house to her right spoke to her.  “She’s home.  You should just go on in.”  His voice was convincing.  Pushing the door open a crack, she laid eyes on a small girl playing tea party with her dolls.  The house was dim, but it didn’t seem to matter.

Natalie announced herself by saying hello to the child.  Little Rosie turned and offered a teacup to the visitor.  Natalie declined and asked where Rosie’s mother was.  Pointing to the back of the house, Natalie walked through the living room and kitchen where an open door led to the back yard.  The light from the door illuminated the floor and surroundings.

“Mrs. Lady, can you give me something to eat?”  The small voice brought Natalie back to focus from the scattered debris around the room.  “What?  Where’s your mommy?  Didn’t she feed you?”

“No.  She’s sleeping,” Rosie replied.

Natalie found peanut butter and bread from a nearly empty cupboard.  She made a sandwich to give to the girl.  Emotions of shock and disgust filled Natalie toward the mother who left her child to fend for herself.

Opening the screen door to the back yard, Natalie noticed a figure collapsed on the picnic table, head down.  An empty bottle of whiskey and an empty prescription bottle laid in front of her.

Natalie rushed to the table and shook the woman violently.  Cell phone in hand, she called 911 and urged them to hurry.  The young mother never moved.  The sirens got closer.  Natalie rushed to the front of the house to help the ambulance find her.

Tiffany’s neighbor was still sitting on his porch.  “She needs your help,” he stated.  Just then, another voice came from the other neighboring house.  “Don’t waste your time.”  The first neighbor reiterated his previous statement.  “She needs your help.”  The second man spoke up again.  “She’s not worth your time.”

Natalie followed the paramedics to the back of the house.  She stood there helpless as the medical team worked on the overdose victim.  Little Rosie joined her, silently watching as her mother could not be revived.  Natalie asked about the child’s father.  Her answer was matter of fact.  Rosie and Tiffany were a team of their own.  It was just the two of them.  The surroundings indicated a story of hardship and desperation.  Sadly, hopelessness finally won.

Rosie called to her as the stretcher passed by.

“Mommy!  Mommy…….”

“Mommy,” Natalie heard one last time.  She opened her eyes to a tearful little face looking into her own.

“I tried to get my own cereal and I spilled the milk!”  Porter wanted to be a big boy, but things didn’t go as planned.

Natalie sat up and looked around the room.  She hugged little Porter, relieved that the problem at hand was only spilled milk.

As she prepared for her upcoming business meeting, Natalie gathered her things, said a quick prayer and headed out the door.  Her two favorite men would stay home.  Today was her husband Michael’s day off.

The city street was full of people, rushing from one tall building to another.  It was unusually windy as Natalie walked with the crowd down the congested sidewalk.  The wind became hazardous, as hats and belongings began to fill the air.

Human eyes could not see the battle taking place between two heavenly beings.  Siram’s mission was destruction.  Arion’s mission was redemption.  Invisible swords swung with a vengeance.

The final strike sent Siram’s sword soaring through the sky.  In that moment of freedom, Arion set eyes on his target and proceeded toward her at full force.  His split second of impact caused Natalie to lose the battle against the wind.  Losing her footing, she found herself colliding with a young woman heading the other direction.  Both women dropped their belongings.  Natalie noticed the brown paper bag and pill bottle that had fallen to the ground.  Arion returned to the air, stating once again to himself, “She needs your help.”

Before the young woman could scurry away, Natalie grabbed her arm.  The eyes of hopelessness met eyes that had just received revelation.

“You need help.  I can help you!” Natalie said.

The young woman stared at the stranger talking to her.  A single tear trickled down her face.

One hand on the young woman, the other hand on her phone, Natalie called her office.  The business meeting would have to wait.

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