Pallet Board Picture Hanger

Pallet Board Picture Hanger

I built this out of Pallet wood for my wife to hang Polaroids on.

Everyone that visits and sees this on the wall with the pics just loves it.

Now I build them to gift & sell.

It’s a project that you could easily build at home without any need for “big power tools”.

The picture board in the above image is 28″ W x 20″ L, but you could make yours any size.


It’s so simple that the only tools and supplies needed are:


  • Pallet wood, approximately 1/2″ thick is best
  • Glue
  • Nails
  • Small screws
  • Metal Bulldog Clips, 1.25 Inches (Amazon)
  • Small stain brush
  • Stain and/or Polyurethane
  • Paint (I used black)
  • Rope or Twine
  • Wall hooks


  • Saw (hand saw is fine)
  • Hammer
  • 80 grit Sanding Sponge

Here’s how I make em…

  • First I make my two runners, I lay them out up against a straight edge and separate them equally on both ends (I make my runners 1 1/4″ wide)
  • The length can be whatever you like
  • Then I get the pieces of pallet wood that I am going to use for the face boards and lay them out in different patterns on the runners until I find the look I’m after
  • I start my face boards 2″ in from the end of each runner (like in the image above)
  • Then I sand the sides, ends, and corners, I sand the faces of the boards later
  • You can use different size boards like mine or make them all one size to look uniform
  • Once I have the “look” that I like I take them off from one side and stack them in that order, so I have the right order
  • Then I lay my glue on the runners and lay them back out in the right order
  • Then I nail them all down
  • Now I do the painting.
  • I paint all the edges, all the way around the whole board and the back
  • Then I spray some paint on the face boards in the patterns that I want the paint to show up in the wood grain
  • I let it sit overnight and dry completely (glue & paint)
  • Now I do the rest of my sanding. All I sand is the face boards, I sand off whatever paint I want and leave paint in the grain for a really cool look.
  • Then I dust it off real good and apply whatever stain I’m feelin that day.
  • Sometimes I stain each face board with a different stain
  • Sometimes I leave more paint on than other times
  • Then I add the Bulldog clips wherever I want them
  • Then I cut a length of whatever rope I’m using for that board and hook it over the ends of the runners like in this image

Every single one is original, no two are alike

Yours will be Original also and made by YOU!

Go get at it, be safe and have fun…


Here are a couple of pics

of others that I’ve made





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